Innovative Agri-Biotechnology Company

Three complementary businesses:

  • Production of ‘food and fibre’ (currently focussing on industrial hemp cultivation, harvesting and processing);
  • Microbial carbon farming using scientifically proven microbial bio-mineral fertilisers which leads to improved agricultural resilience and profit; and
  • Carbon management and trading to be implemented at the key strategic time.

Industrial Hemp-Cultivation, Harvesting and Processing

Global Market est. USD 166 Bn. Source Merrill Lynch April 2019

  • FFLI have an aggressive growth model to position Australian grown certified Industrial hemp products
  • Commercial involvement in “value add” businesses e.g. food & beverage, health, global scent market, medicinal and building
  • Emulate Canadian growth model through driving legislative and regulatory framework with WA Government and Australian Government
  • Target Canadian, US, European and Asia/Indo Pacific markets
  • Financial models very conservative with capital to back our expertise and passion.
  • Realise Target of 5000 + Ha Industrial Hemp to be grown

CBD and Terpene Product Development

Kavvabis Pty Ltd

  • Already in operation and producing trial materials
  • Creating consumer product and branding ventures in reference to Cannabinoid (CBD) and Terpene extraction and processing from hemp plant material from industrial hemp crops grown by FFLI
  • To secure Topical Listable Therapeutics, Aromachology and Aromatherapy Concepts, Food Flavours and Beverages and Fragrances from Terpenes and extraction technologies and new industry business expertise of Stephen Birkbeck.