An agricultural group utilising innovative agricultural technology to fulfil a growing need for high quality food and fibre across the world.


FFLI will be a major international provider of superior quality food and fibre, through the application of healthy soils, on a large commercial scale.


  •   Be open, honest and act with integrity
  •   We will win or lose as a team
  •   Take brave steps and when required, courageous decisions
  •   We enjoy what we do
  •   We are international in our thinking and approach
  •   Innovative in agricultural technology

Healthy soils are vital to improve agricultural productivity and food quality across the globe.

The Problem

The “Green Revolution” or the age of “plant” production is economically and environmentally unstainable – the current agricultural system is broken:

  •   Food has been a bulk cheap commodity poor in nutrition with residue contaminated food and depleted farm top soils.
  •   We need more food – by 2050 food and fibre will need to have been increased by 56% from today as the global population will be circa 9 billion.
  •   We have become a slave to climate – desertification, salinity, lack of water and inefficient water use.

The Solution

The “Brown Revolution” or “age of healthy soils and water”:

Trade Secret ‘microbial mineral fertiliser and farming system’ - uses innovative Carbon negative mineral fertilisers and beneficial microbe technology to:

  •   Improve soil health, soil carbon and soil fertility.
  •   Manage issues of desertification, salinity and assists effective water usage.
  •   Increase top soil and improves soil structure.
  •   Increase the whole spectrum of mineral nutrients.
  •   Increase beneficial microbes for economic and environmental outcomes.
  •   Probiotic culture block technology for open seas and aqua culture.

Group Companies

Food Fibre and Land International Group (FFLI) is an Australian “Farm to beyond Farm Gate” agricultural group with innovative microbial bio-technologies to create healthy, productive systems for farming, mine site and degraded land management and rehabilitation and aquaculture.

Fibre & Hurd Australasia (FHA)

FHA is a grower of superior quality food and fibre including industrial hemp for seed, food, fibre and hurd.

9 markets exist for the industrial products which may be made from the stem, which is made up of two types of fibre (bast fibre and hurd), the leaves and seeds:
  • Agriculture;
  • Textiles;
  • Recycling;
  • Automotive;
  • Furniture;
  • Food/nutrition/beverages;
  • Paper;
  • Construction materials;and
  • Personal care.

Microbial Mineral Biofertiliser Company

FFLI’s microbial soils division works with farmers and growers to deliver healthier food, feedstock and soils using microbes specifically tailored to the soil and climate. We can provide solutions in saline, sandy, loam and other soils.

Our agronomist and farmers works closely with our Chief Scientist to collaborate with famers and growers.

This Division works on farming, land reclamation, degraded soils, mining rehabilitation and earthworks across a number of industries.

Carbon IQ (CIQ)

CIQ and CIQ trading exists to provide practical solutions to the carbon economy including advisory services, carbon security, carbon trading and carbon aggregation.

CIQ Trading has an AFSL.

Open Sea & Aquaculture

FFLI collaborate in the open sea Tuna, Kingfish and Salmon industries with the provider of probiotic culture blocks to deal with the major issues caused by nitrification inhibition under the sea cages.

The use of Probiotic Culture Blocks in aquatic ecosystems allows eutrophication to be treated by allowing biological organisms to consume and convert the nutrients present, resulting in a more balanced ecosystem or restoration of a damaged ecosystem.

Asset Management

FFLI looks to finance its own capital equipment.

In addition FFLI is proposing to establish an Agricultural Fund in 2018.


Tony Adcock

MBA, BSc (Hons), FAICD, GAICD Executive Chairman tony@ffligroup.com
+61 (0) 418-410-793
Tony is an experienced Chairman of several private and ASX listed boards, an independent director of several companies and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee of EMLPayments Ltd. Tony utilises his extensive international business experience to drive the governance and vision of the FFLI Group together with relationships with Banks, funds and individual investors.

He is also a facilitator of the prestigious Australian Institute of Company Directors International and domestic and courses. Tony is a former PwC Consulting Partner and has a strong Australian and Asia Pacific network across many industries, specifically Singapore, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Robert Edkins

BSc Multidisiplinary Science (Biology and Geography), BA Social Science Honours, GAICD Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer rob@ffligroup.com
An experienced Chief Executive Officer of agricultural and natural resource management enterprises, Robert Edkins is responsible for implementing the strategy and realising the benefits of healthy productive farming and food production systems.

Along with highly developed skills in business management, Robert utilises his extensive skill base including development and management of soil carbon, mine site rehabilitation and degraded land management and natural resource management to drive innovation and create value for the stakeholders of FFLI Group.

Yasmin Broughton

BA Comm, Post Grad Law GAICD Independent Director
Yasmin is a highly experienced non executive director, general counsel and company secretary for numerous private and government entities.

Appointed to FFLI Group in March 2017 as independent director, Yasmin brings highly developed skills in dispute resolution, cyber security, governance developed through extensive experience within a broad range of industries.

Craig Astill

B. Bus (Int. Trade) B Bus. (Banking & Finance) Independent Director
The leader of the Caason Group, a sophisticated investments group with interests across a diverse range of markets, Craig’s appointment as independent director of FFLI Group particularly contributes expertise in strategic investment in public and private companies, commercialisation, business acquisition and integration along with large scale agribusiness.

Craig brings expertise in exploration and mining, agriculture, environmental technologies, information and communications technology and innovative research and development

Sophie Dwyer

B. Sc. (Horticulture) Hons MBA GAICD Independent Director
A highly experienced professional within the agribusiness and finance sectors, Sophie is an experienced director having successfully launched and operated a private consultancy firm since 2005 and been appointed to the boards of several state government enterprises.

A highly active community member, Sophie is an elected member of a local government and holds voluntary board positions with an independent public school and a harm prevention charity.


Rob Edkins

Managing Director
+61 (0) 428-926-383

Greg LeGuier

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Burnett

Hemp Agronomist

Colin Steddy

Farm Manager

Research & Papers

  • Research & Development
    • FFLI is involved in developing research, development and innovation with multiple Australian Universities to continuously create new technologies to fulfil its vision and mission.
    • These include:
      • Rangelands perennial pasture development.
      • Mine rehabilitation through novel plant-microbe interaction.
      • We have other projects which are pending announcement.

Contact Us

Tony Adcock

Executive Chairman
+61 (0) 418-410-793

Rob Edkins

Managing Director
+61 (0) 428-926-383